The Queens Ass (Zebra)


The Queen’s Ass (Zebra).

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Letterpress card printed in small batches on an antique press using ecologically sound paper, milled in the UK. A6 card (10.5 x 14.8cm) with brown kraft envelope.


In the year 1762 a female zebra or ‘wild ass’ was given to Queen Charlotte and it became perhaps one of the most recognisable animals in Britain. The original image appeared as an illustration on a satirical song sheet which was a popular medium for serious and satirical political comment at this time. This item is found in a folder dated 1779 but a copy held elsewhere is dated much later, as published by Henry Howard in 1862, the Artist behind the illustration remains unknown.

The Queens Ass (Zebra). Henry Howard (Published by); 1862. The Bute Archive Mount Stuart